Synergy Magnet K-12

From Enrollment to Employment


Equestrian Studies

Synergy Equestrian Program Paths
  • Biomedical SciencesEquine Studies
  • Equine Studies Business Administration

Program Details:

Biomedical Sciences Equine Studies Concentration
Equine Studies Business Administration
Equine Studies Business Administration
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Synergy Equestrian Program Benefits:

The Fort Pierce and Treasure Coast areas are destination locations for the equestrian industry. With Olympic training grounds within 53 miles of Fort Pierce, Florida, our area is the perfect place for preparing future equestrians!!
Synergy students earn career certificates and dual enroll with Indian River State College as early as 10th Grade.

Equine health care market demographics

2020- 832.5million
2021- 919.6million
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostics
  • Software and services
* Students at synergy will learn the processes of graphing all information developed in equine studies