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About Synergy

Synergy has a progressive learning style that enables students to build a brighter future by collaboratively working to give rise to something greater.

Synergy's Education Model

Our core belief is that education should be tailored to fit the individual student. With our approach, we have the opportunity to personalize our students’ educational experiences. We realize that one size does not fit all, and that it is imperative to look at the heart and mind of a child to really discover how they think and learn best.

At Synergy Magnet K-12, we believe in family first. We have developed a “Seat-work vs Homework” mentality that allows for the majority of teaching and learning to be done in the classroom and not at your kitchen table.

Through faith and dedication to God’s purpose in her life, Dr. Khourie has worked hard to bring the pure joy and intent of academics into a school environment that is not only safe, but truly inspiring. Through her holistic approach to education, the entire mind, body, spirit, and soul of a child is able to learn, grow, and flourish.

Our Mission:

The mission of Synergy Magnet is to provide an excellent education for all students, in a safe environment.

Excellent Education is:

Our mandate is to develop a learning environment that targets the physical and emotional needs of every student by tapping into their interests and talents through career skills trades as well as exposing them to a unique style of blended classes and gamification to make learning fun again.
The Synergy Career Educational Program is the Magnet School that gives your students the tools that they will need to unlock their lifelong passions. We help students develop real-world skills while still in high school. A Synergy K-12-powered education prepares for high-demand careers, trades, and college with project-based electives taught by dedicated, certified teachers. Accredited courses are aligned with state standards, and prepare students for post-secondary education/careers and hands-on training, while the apprenticeship program gives students everything they need to go directly into the work force.

Students select a career pathway that focuses their interests and allows them to stay ahead of their peers and enter the work force with well-defined skills while earning degrees, diplomas, and certifications in college, vocational/career, and trades programs. Career-focused programs help prepare students for over 40 certification exams. Successful completion of certifications puts students ahead of the competition and qualifies them to start earning money right after high school.

We are centrally located near:

Synergy is a Game-Changer!

Our students soar academically and are taught the highest character and values. Christian education, coupled with a proven curriculum and exciting academic/career opportunities make our school atmosphere one of the most innovative and desirable to students. If you are searching for the best Saint Lucie County elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools, make sure to visit Synergy Magnet School.

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