Synergy Magnet K-12

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Construction and CAD Trades at Synergy

Synergy Magnet provides an introduction to construction trades curriculum to those students who have an interest in pursuing construction careers. Introduction to multiple careers is provided. Some courses will qualify the student to sit for certification exams upon graduation from high school. This certification will qualify the student for direct entry into a beginning apprentice program. Core components such as professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, punctuality, responsibility, and service to humanity are key to developing a student to be prepared to enter into the work force setting and future trade education and practice. Call and schedule a tour of the construction classroom and state of the art labs today!

All students are required to take the NCCER CORE Introduction to Basic Construction Skills. With emphases in the following:
Students will receive their NCCER blue card after completing Basic Safety. All Performance Evaluation is tested in our State of the Art construction trade labs using simulators and testing equipment.
Class Description
Construction Technology is an instructional program that prepares an individual for employment in the following:
NCCER Construction Technology is a course teaching fundamental of safety, tools, math, and basic carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing skills. In the student’s senior year they chose which field of study they want to further their skill sets preparing them for an apprenticeship program through Florida Training Services Inc.
Synergy uses NCCER industry tested curriculum to provide the latest construction standards. Students will build credentials as the proceed through the many Modules and Performance Evaluations. On-line testing ensures the student is proceeding with the proper knowledge. These credentials will remain with them through a data base that future employers can access and verify the student’s credential.

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