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An Excellent Education in a Safe Environment

Experience the Difference

An Excellent
Education in a Safe Environment
Step Up scholarships available.

An Excellent Education in a Safe, Faith-Based Environment

An Excellent Education in a Safe, Faith-Based Environment

A faith-based, career trades focused private school serving the
Treasure Coast for grades PreK-12.
Step Up scholarships available.

Why Synergy Magnet K-12?

Synergy Magnet’s vision is to produce students who are skillfully prepared to enter the workforce, pre-apprenticeship program, and/or college/career trade training as productive and successful members of society.
Synergy is committed to providing differentiated skills training for ALL students to work within the career pathways of their choosing and learn the value of the jobs that are essential to our nation’s success through career certifications, dual enrollment, apprenticeship training, and virtual reality and hands-on simulations.
Synergy recognizes that every student learns differently; therefore, we offer distinctive educational pathways, which include vocational/career training, college preparatory academics, and career readiness programs that are individualized and customized to each student’s learning style.
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The Synergy Career Educational Program is the Magnet School that gives your students the tools that they will need to unlock their lifelong passions.
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Nationally Accredited

Obtaining the status of being a fully Accredited School displays to the world that a school has demonstrated excellence in academics and that the course credits are accepted by colleges and universities. The accreditation process is designed to improve the educational and spiritual quality in private schools regardless of size.

Drone Pilot

Students will be immersed in the real world application of drone flight and drone technology through the use of drone simulator training, engineering, flight mechanics, and piloting.  Students will fly drones through the same software simulator used by the pros, and will get hands-on experience flying real drones in a competitive environment.  Drone cohorts will collaborate with each individual taking the role of pilot, mechanic, engineer, and designer. Our Drone Pilot curriculum can lead to their FAA 107 pilot’s license. 

Career Training

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  • FAA 107 Pilot License
  • Drone Racing
  • Drones in Career Simulator
  • Aeronautics
  • Civil Air Patrol
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  • Art & Drawing Techniques
  • Website Design
  • Logo & Brand Identity
  • Illustration & Pattern Design
  • Image Editing
  • Presentation Design
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  • Coaching & Leadership
  • Team Building and Collaboration
  • Management & Marketing
  • Business Finance
  • Competitive Teams
  • Event Planning
  • Live Streaming
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  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Security
  • Azure Architecture
  • Azure Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Azure Storage
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  • Visual & Audio Technologies
  • Storytelling, Filming & Editing
  • Lighting Concepts & Set Design
  • Sound Engineering
  • Recording Principles & Mixing Techniques
  • Digital Camera Functionality
  • Live Production Management
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  • Architectual Drawing
  • Drawing setup and File Maintenance
  • 3D Modeling Techniques
  • Building Codes
  • Modeling, Rendering, and Animation for Presentations
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  • Construction Math
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Construction Drawings
  • Rigging
  • Communication Skills
  • Employability Skills
  • Material Handling
st lucie county high schools
  • Equine Science
  • Introduction to Horsemanship
  • Equestrian Studies
  • Barn Management
  • Agricultural Leadership
  • Principles of Agriculture and Management
st lucie county high schools
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Baking & Pastry Arts
  • Menu Planning
  • Cost & Budgeting
  • Hospitality & Service
  • Catering & Event Planning
  • Food Handling & Preparation
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Experience the Difference.

If you are looking for top St Lucie County schools, make sure you visit Synergy. Many people searching for Port St Lucie private schools do not consider our school in Fort Pierce. We are a very short drive from much of Port Saint Lucie and we are confident that once you visit our School you will agree that it is well worth the short drive. Our St Lucie County elementary school is one of the best schools on the Treasure Coast. Our St Lucie county middle school and our St Lucie county high school are also rated as top private schools in St Lucie county. Contact us to schedule a tour today.